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Translation of "occupe" in English


Le genre qui occupe trois entrepôts.
The kind that occupies three buildings at Warehouse Flats.
Notre musée occupe une partie du grenier aménagé.
Our museum occupies a part of the loft done up.
Chacune des onze photographies suspendues occupe en espace tridimensionnel.
Each of the eleven photographs suspended occupies space in three dimensions.
Passage christologique. Marie occupe une place privilégiée.
Christological passage: Mary occupies a preferred, special place.
Notre golf occupe une situation privilégiée.
Our golf course occupies a very privileged location.
Beaulieu-sur-mer occupe une place privilégiée entre Nice et Monaco.
Beaulieu sur Mer boasts a privileged location in between Nice and Monaco.
Le Gouvernement angolais s'occupe des femmes rurales.
The Angolan Government is looking after women in rural areas.
Elle s'occupe de prévention primaire et secondaire.
The organization is involved in first and second-level prevention work.
Le procureur s'occupe de cette affaire.
This matter is being represented by the District Attorney.
Je m 'en occupe. Donne-moi deux heures.
Alright, I'm on it, should be a couple of hours and Ben... get it done.
Revenons au cas qui nous occupe.
Well, now, to get back to the work at hand.
Je ne m'occupe pas des factures.
Well, I'm a nurse, I don't deal with the billing.
Je m'occupe de tes intérêts.
I am looking out for your best interest.
Je m'occupe de vos bagages.
Silver Streak. I'll take care of your bags, sir.
Car Dani s'occupe merveilleusement de moi.
Because dani has been amazing helping me take care of myself.
Elle s'occupe du placement familial.
She's the head of foster placement at DFS.
La production s'occupe de ça.
Let the production people deal with that one.
Ne t'occupe pas de moi.
Don't worry about me so much. I got other acts.
Je m'occupe de l'inventaire.
I'm in charge of keeping inventory, so it was easy.
Le FBI s'occupe des restants.
The Bureau's picking up the remaining few.
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