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Translation of "occupera" in English


Notre conseiller s'occupera des détails.
Our counsellor will take care of the details.
Votre nouveau fournisseur s'occupera du transfert.
Your new provider will take care of the transfer.
Mme Avery occupera ses fonctions jusqu'aux élections municipales.
Ms. Avery will occupy her post until the municipal elections.
Ma mère s'occupera de Tania.
My mother will look after Tania.
Un personnel compétent et qualifié s'occupera de fournir professionnalisme dans le service et politesse à ses clients.
An adequate and characterized staff will take care to offer to our guests professionalism in attendance and courtesy.
Rassurez-vous, elle s'occupera de vous.
Miss Long will take care of you.
M. Shaw s'occupera de tout.
Mr. Shaw will take care of everything.
En attendant, ce jeune homme s'occupera de vos besoins.
In the meantime, this young man will take care of your needs.
Quelqu'un s'occupera de vous.
Someone will take care of you.
Il s'occupera de votre logement.
He will take care of your home.
On s'occupera d'eux en rentrant.
We will take care of them in return.
Ça m'occupera pendant le voyage.
This gives me something to do on the bus ride.
Mme Christie s'occupera de Géraldine.
Now, Mrs. Christie's looking after Geraldine.
Je vais m'absenter 4 jours mais Kaji s'occupera de vous.
I'll be out for four days or so, but Kaji will be taking care of you two, so don't worry.
On s'occupera de lui directement.
Because it may be the last time you ever see me. Well...
Mme Walter s'occupera des vacances des enfants.
Mrs. Walter is going to prepare the children's summer vacation.
Il s'occupera des nouveaux officiers.
He'll conduct the orientation for your new officers.
Mlle Power s'occupera de vous.
Would you like to take it over there? - Eight pounds.
Voici le compartiment qu'occupera le Premier ministre.
This is the compartment that will be occupied by the Prime Minister.
Votre équipe s'occupera du gymnase.
Morry, your squad'll handle the gym.
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