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Translation of "oeil" in English


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Nous sommes devenus trop petits pour l'œil électrique.
The electric eye, we've grown too small to make it work.
Essayons d'atteindre l'œil du cyclone.
We'll try to make for the eye of the storm.
Je vais jeter un œil au wagon.
While you're doing that I'll take a look at the club car.
Prenons un oeil à cette question.
Let us take a look at this question.
Vous devez garder un œil sur tout.
I mean, you have to keep your eye on everything.
Son oeil est devenu un gros oeuf rouge.
It turned out that she was allergic and her eye came up like a red egg.
Il a une lueur de folie dans l'oeil.
He has that crazy look in his eye. I told you we should have gone to Hawaii.
Vous devez garder un oeil sur tout.
I mean, you have to keep your eye on everything.
Nolan gardera un oeil sur toi.
I asked Nolan to keep an eye on you while I'm away.
Je peux jeter un oeil à vos lésions...
Well, I can take a look at your bullous lesions if you would like me to.
Ça perturbera Apollo et ça protégera ce mauvais œil.
Now, this will confuse Apollo, and it'll protect that bad eye.
On peut garder l'oeil sur tout.
And it's a good place... to keep an eye on... everything.
Allons jeter un oeil au mauvais.
Let's have a look at the bad one.
Je pourrai garder un œil sur toi.
That way if you start roaming, I can keep an eye on you.
On aimerait jeter un oeil là-dessus.
We'd like to take a look at these.
L'œil spécialement fera un article fascinant.
The eye especially will make for a fascinating piece.
Elle me regardait d'un oeil méchant et...
She was staring at me, giving me the evil eye. I don't know...
Mais un oeil expert détecte certaines... anomalies.
It takes a trained eye to notice certain... discrepancies.
Garder un œil sur Sinclair était facile.
Keeping an eye on Sinclair was an easy call.
Tu dois jeter un œil là-dessus.
I need you to take a look at this.
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œil 8898

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