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Translation of "oeil sur" in English

look at
glance at
check on
look on
look out for
look in on
eye on tabs on eye out for track of peek at eye to
close watch on
eye out on
eye over
Je voudrais bien jeter un oeil sur cette Jenny personnellement.
What's up with that, man? I'd like to take a look at this Jenny for myself.
Jette un oeil sur cette séquence...
Take a look at the sequence over here.
Bien, je jetterai un œil sur ses travaux.
All right, wl I'd like to take a look at his research.
Jetez un oeil sur ce plan des transports de Berlin.
Have a look at this multi-network transport map for Berlin.
Jetez un coup d'œil sur nos offres d'emploi actuelles.
Take a look at our current job opportunities.
Allez jeter un coup d'oeil sur ça.
Come take a look at this.
Vous devez garder un œil sur tout.
I mean, you have to keep your eye on everything.
Vous devez garder un oeil sur tout.
I mean, you have to keep your eye on everything.
Nolan gardera un oeil sur toi.
I asked Nolan to keep an eye on you while I'm away.
Juste un œil sur les nouveaux venus.
Just a little look, ko-hoh, at my new arrivals.
Et sérieusement... garde un oeil sur Jenny.
And, seriously... keep an eye out for Jenny in there.
On peut garder l'oeil sur tout.
And it's a good place... to keep an eye on... everything.
Je pourrai garder un œil sur toi.
That way if you start roaming, I can keep an eye on you.
Garder un œil sur Sinclair était facile.
Keeping an eye on Sinclair was an easy call.
On gardera un œil sur lui.
You can rely on us to keep an eye on him, sir.
Je veux garder l'oeil sur lui.
I'm not lettin' him out of my sight, not for a minute.
Ils devaient garder un oeil sur Summers.
They were supposed to be keeping tabs on summers.
Frank Cartwright gardait un oeil sur elle.
Frank Cartwright had been keeping an eye on her.
Pour avoir l'œil sur vous.
Why did you send in your boys? Tokeep an eye on you.
Je vais garder un oeil sur vous.
I'll just have to keep my eye on you, Mr. Crane.
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