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Translation of "on" in English

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on peut +10k
on va +10k
on doit +10k
on ne peut +10k
on fait +10k
on devrait +10k
on sait +10k
on utilise +10k
Si on sait où, on identifiera peut-être Falco.
So if we can figure out where they met, it might lead us to Falco's identity.
Si on y va, on les surprendra.
If raf and I go in now, we can catch 'em off guard.
Quand on atteint cette harmonie, on fonce.
And when 2 people have that connection, you go for it.
L'autre jour, on se demandait pourquoi on disait des roofies.
It's funny, because just the other day... me and my boy, we was wondering why they even call them roofies.
Si on savait le lire, on trouverait des réponses.
This book... if we knew how to read it, it would probably have all the answers for us.
Si on les arrête, on aura que quelques personnes.
It's too early, we bust them now, we only got a couple of players off the street.
Normalement on se repose quand on est malade.
[Door opens] You know, most people choose to rest when they're sick.
Quand on y pense, on dirige tout.
(Chuckles) Come to think of it, we're running everything these days.
Mais on saura jamais si on aime la côte...
I love it here so much, but we will never know if we're not east coast people...
Si on le trouve avant, on pourra sauver les moines.
So if we can get our hands on that book first, we'll be able to lure them away from the monks.
Mais plus on continuait plus on s'éloignait du projet qu'on avait et qu'on aimait.
We all got to know each other very well but the longer we went on, the further and further we got away from the project which we had and the project which we liked.
Quand on s'est lancées, on savait ce qu'on faisait.
When it all started going down, it was like we knew what we were doing, for real.
Car quand on est jeune et amoureux, on croit toujours qu'on sera l'exception.
I only say this to you because when you're young and in love, everyone thinks they'll be the exception.
Je suis ici aujourd'hui car parfois, quand on apprend combien on a gagné, on a un choc.
Well, basically, Ned, the reason why I'm here today... is that sometimes when people learn just how much... they have won in the lotto, they get a bit of a shock.
Si on se sépare et qu'on divorce, on fait 50-50.
You and I ever split up, let me tell you something, we get a divorce, 50-50.
Parce qu'on cible un créneau extrêmement pointu, on développe une expertise très particulière et alors on est concurrentiel, on peut être performant et on peut vendre.
Because we want to focus on an extremely specialized niche, develop a very specific expertise so that we can become competitive, we can perform and we can sell.
Soit on sait ce qu'on veut et on ne l'a pas, soit on a ce qu'on veut et on ne sait pas ce qu'on veut.
Either you know what you want, and you don't get what you want, or get what you want, and then you don't know what you want.
On pense qu'on ne peut pas, on pense qu'on ne peut pas, on pense qu'on ne peut pas... mais on peut.
We think we can't, we think we can't, we think we can't... but we can.
Je vais chez lui, on dîne, on parle, on regarde la télé, on parle... On s'embrasse, on fait autre chose, et ensuite on s'arrête.
I go to his house, we eat dinner, we talk, we watch TV, we talk... we kiss, we... other stuff, and then we stop.
Si on fait cela et qu'on attend trois ans pour renouveler la loi, à cause de cet amendement, on va avoir un problème économique majeur.
If we do wait three years before reworking the legislation because of this amendment, there is going to be a major problem, one we will be responsible for.
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on peut +10k
on va +10k
on doit +10k
on ne peut +10k
on fait +10k
on devrait +10k
on sait +10k
on utilise +10k

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