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Translation of "on le regarde" in English

you look at
we watch it
we're watching
us watching
one looks at
to watch it
just watch
be looked at
being watched
Let's watch
On peut mieux représenter ce comportement si on le regarde comme un fluide.
We can actually model that behavior better as a fluid, if you look at it.
C'est logique si on le regarde comme il faut.
It all makes sense when you look at it right.
Quand on le regarde de nouveau, Susanna, on voit le missile Hellfire juste avant la détonation.
And as we watch it again there, Susanna, you can actually see the Hellfire missile right before it detonates.
On devrait l'appeler maintenant ou on le regarde encore?
Should we phone him now or will we watch it again?
Il ignore qu'on le regarde.
He doesn't even know we're watching.
Oui, c'est parce qu'on le regarde ensemble.
Well, that's because we're watching together.
Le monde est plein de surprises, quand on le regarde avec les bons yeux.
The world is full of surprises, if you look at it with the right eyes.
Alors, oui, pas de coïncidence, si on le regarde ainsi.
So, yes, no coincidence, if you look at it like that.
Nicolas veut dire que la romanisation de l'alphabet cyrillique est aussi belle que le soleil, qui brûle les yeux quand on le regarde.
Nicolas means that romanization of Cyrillic alphabet is as beautiful as the sun, which burns your eyes when you look at it.
Un professeur de danse a l'habitude qu'on le regarde.
A dancing teacher gets used to being watched.
Et ça brille quand on le regarde.
And it shimmered when you looked at it.
Tout dépend comment on le regarde.
What's going on? It's all right.
Peut-être qu'on le regarde à l'envers.
Maybe we're just looking at him upside down.
Si on le regarde comme il faut.
If you just look at it the right way.
Voight nous respectera plus si on le regarde dans les yeux.
Voight will respect us more if we look him in the eye.
Si on le regarde d'un certain angle...
If you look at it from just the right angle...
Si on le regarde de haut, il nous rejettera.
If we are too high, he will reject us out of hand.
Je voudrais qu'on le regarde ensemble au télescope.
Now, I wish you'd watch it through the telescope with me.
Il s'assure qu'on le regarde monter dans sa voiture pour démarrer.
Now he's letting us get a good look at him climbing in his car and driving on.
Il n'aime pas qu'on le regarde.
He doesn't like being watched.
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