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Translation of "on se" in English


Entre femmes, on se comprend.
Among women, we can understand each other.
Je voulais pas qu'on se dispute.
I just didn't want to get into a fight. That's all.
Rappelle-moi pourquoi on se cache ici.
Remind me why we're hiding in here again.
Puis on se dirige vers la chaîne.
Well, then we'll head to the stereo and meet up with you later.
Allez, Schwarzenegger, on se balance.
Okay, come on, Schwarzenegger, start swinging.
Kay, on se doit de la compréhension.
Kay in the end all we really owe each other is a little bit of affection.
Parfois, on se comprenait vraiment.
But there were times when we really connected.
Ou on se parle au téléphone.
If we're not together, we always speak on the phone.
Bien, on se revoit dans quelques jours.
All right. Well, we'll see you in a couple of days then.
Pour qu'on se souvienne de moi.
You guys, he's trying to prove my dad couldn't do it.
Bon, on se tire d'ici.
All right, let's break down the hide and didi out of here.
L'autre jour, on se demandait pourquoi on disait des roofies.
It's funny, because just the other day... me and my boy, we was wondering why they even call them roofies.
J'aurais aimé qu'on se connaisse autrement.
I just wish that we could've met some other way. I don't.
D'accord, on se douchera séparément.
All right, then I guess we'll be showering separately.
Je voulais qu'on se rencontre.
I gave her my digits so we could set up a meeting.
Sinon, on se contente du statu quo.
If you don't have something to move towards, you settle for where things are.
J'attendrai qu'on se connaisse mieux.
I'll wait for us to get to know each other a little better.
Je trouve qu'on se ressemble.
I don't know. I'm saying, we're both alike.
Nous refusons une association où on se contrôle mutuellement.
We don't want to be in an outfit, where one guy has to check on another.
Puis on se dispute à nouveau.
We'd realise we loved each other, and it was all cool.
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