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Translation of "parce que" in English

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Je la lui ai montré parce que...
I show it to her... because I was so proud, so happy.
On est brisés parce que tu as fui.
Well, if we're all broken, maybe it's because - You walked away.
Peut-être vouliez-vous mettre Jake en colère parce que...
Maybe you've always wanted to make Jake angry because...
Tout ça parce que je prends une journée de repos.
I don't see why you're being so disagreeable just because I got a chance for one day of rest.
C'est complètement faux parce que...
Now that's completely and totally wrong, because...
Probablement parce que vous étiez avec moi.
I suppose it's because you happened to be with me in the runabout.
C'est parce que vous êtes jolie.
And stop eyeing me up, you! I'm looking because you're pretty.
Sûrement parce que nous nous apprécions.
Possibly it's because we all rather like each other.
Tant mieux parce que j'adore les Néerlandais.
Well, that's good, because I'm a big fan of the Dutch.
Peut-être était-ce simplement parce que j'étais...
Now, maybe it was just because I was a uniform...
Peut-être parce que nos personnalités sont si fortes.
Perhaps it's because we're both such strong personalities.
Ou peut-être parce que vous devenez incohérent.
Or maybe it's because you're becoming irrelevant.
Précisément parce que Malcolm est un enquiquineur...
It's precisely because Malcolm is a troublemaker that I...
Pas seulement parce que tu suffoques.
Now, it's not just because you're suffocating.
Ils volent parce que ce sont mes gars.
They take this money because they're my guys, so give them some leeway.
Nous devons téléphoner parce que la voiture...
We have to make a call because the car...
Nous sommes ici parce que démocratiquement et légitimement élus.
Indeed, we are here because we were democratically and legitimately elected.
C'est parce que je sors ce matin.
If she's mad at me, it's because I'm going out this morning.
Peut-être parce que tu rends ça fantastique.
Maybe that's because you make it look fantastic.
Excuse-moi, c'est parce que...
That's because I'm not used to have someone next to me.
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