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Translation of "paroles" in English


J'aimerais vous convaincre d'écrire des paroles.
But I would love to talk to you about maybe writing some lyrics.
0ui, il faut comprendre les paroles.
Yes, it is necessary to understand the lyrics.
Il prononcera des paroles contre le Très-Haut.
He shall speak great words against the Most High.
Tous veulent entendre ses paroles de liberté.
Everyone wants to hear the words of freedom she's written.
Ces paroles énigmatiques reviendraient me hanter.
These cryptic words would come back to haunt me.
Souviens-toi des paroles qui activent ce cristal.
Only you can recall the words that will waken this stone.
Mme DAES remercie sincèrement tous les intervenants pour leurs paroles aimables.
Ms. DAES said that she was deeply grateful to all speakers for their kind words.
Venez, suivez-moi et écoutez mes paroles.
Come, follow me and listen to my words.
Je vais totalement oublier les paroles.
I'm totally going to forget the words.
Tu déformes encore mes paroles, Dawson.
No, now you're twisting my words again, Dawson.
Je me félicite des paroles chaleureuses adressées aux Vice-Présidents.
Some warm words have been directed to the Vice-Chairmen and that is much appreciated.
Toutes nos paroles figureront au procès-verbal.
All our words will be included in the Minutes.
J'apprécie aussi les paroles du secrétaire parlementaire.
I also appreciate the words from the parliamentary secretary as well.
Je vais citer brièvement les paroles du secrétaire parlementaire.
I will quote briefly from the words of the parliamentary secretary.
Regardez la moutarde mais écoutez mes paroles.
Look at the mustard on my face, but listen to my words.
Monsieur Cromwell m'a rapporté vos paroles.
Mr. Cromwell has reported your words to me.
Répète après moi les paroles du Sussuma.
Repeat after me the words of the Sussamma Ritual.
J'attendais ces paroles depuis tellement longtemps.
I've been waiting hear those words for a long time.
Les paroles sont spirituelles et de bon goût.
The lyrics are bright, witty and adult and in good taste.
Il faudra écrire les paroles de celle-là.
We'll have to make up the words to this one.
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