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Translation of "partenariat" in English


Troisièmement, je voudrais mentionner le thème du partenariat.
Thirdly, I would like to mention the theme of partnership.
Cette volonté s'exprime dans un partenariat avec les principaux...
This desire is demonstrated in its partnership with the major equipment manufacturers...
Un partenariat avec SonicWALL vous apportera les avantages suivants.
By partnering with SonicWALL, you will receive the following benefits.
Plusieurs font déjà partie du partenariat EuroMed.
A number of projects are already under way as part of the EuroMed partnership.
Engagement à travailler en partenariat pour renforcer
Commitment to work in partnership to reinforce human rights at the heart of
Renouvelons notre partenariat pour y arriver.
Let us renew our partnership to make this happen.
Certains domaines de partenariat sont opérationnels depuis 2005.
Some of the partnership areas have been active since 2005.
Je savais que vous vouliez dissoudre notre partenariat.
I've known for some time you wanted to dissolve our partnership.
Un partenariat étroit contribuerait à utiliser au mieux des ressources limitées.
A strong partnership with regional arrangements in United Nations peacekeeping operations would have a positive impact on the optimal use of limited resources.
Ce partenariat contribuerait à promouvoir les objectifs du plan.
This partnership would contribute to furthering the goals of the plan.
Tu devrais voir ça comme un partenariat.
You should really look at this as a partnership.
Le partenariat avec UNIFEM est systématiquement renforcé.
The partnership with UNIFEM is constantly being reinforced and strengthened.
C'est un partenariat stratégique comme ils disent.
It's a strategic "partnership," as they put it.
On proposerait un partenariat entre les compagnies chinoises et américaines.
So, the plan is to propose a partnership between American and Chinese energy companies.
Tous ces éléments devraient consolider le partenariat.
All these are elements that should strengthen the partnership.
Je souhaiterais également ajouter quelques mots sur le partenariat.
I would now also like to say something about this partnership.
Ce partenariat volontaire commencera à produire des résultats concrets.
That partnership, which is on a voluntary basis, will start producing concrete results.
Cette concertation trilatérale est ci-après dénommée le "partenariat".
This trilateral consultation shall hereinafter be referred to as the "partnership".
Ce serait une importante contribution au développement du partenariat stratégique.
It would be an important contribution to the development of the strategic partnership.
Renforçons ce partenariat avec le Conseil.
Let us reinforce this partnership with the Council.
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