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Translation of "passé un savon" in English

gave an earful
gave hell


Harry m'a passé un savon.
Harry just gave me the third degree.
Il lui a passé un savon devant Bailey.
He reamed her out in front of Bailey.
Le directeur adjoint Kersh m'a passé un savon.
I just got an earful from Assistant Director Kersh.
Bref, Jessica m'a passé un savon.
Anyway, Jessica got kind of ticked off at me.
La capitaine m'a passé un savon.
Captain rips me a new one.
La police t'a passé un savon ? Oui.
Very well. I've even got us a little souvenir.
Je lui aurais passé un savon.
I would've raked him over the coals.
Papa m'a passé un savon.
It's been a while since papa gave me an earful.
Altman a passé un savon à Hunt à la cafétéria.
Altman tore Hunt a new one in the cafeteria.
Le Président t'a passé un savon...
The president jumped up and down...
Il m'aurait passé un savon.
He'd tear me a new one.
Il m'a passé un savon de façon arrogante et distante.
It was a dressing downing the most arrogant, aloof sort of way.
Prop Joe m'a passé un savon.
Prop Joe gave me an eartul.
Maggie t'a passé un savon ?
Did Maggie give you grief... when you got back home?
Mon chef m'a passé un savon.
My new boss just chewed me out.
Elle ne vous en veut plus, mais elle m'a passé un savon.
Well, she's not mad at you anymore, but she let me have it pretty good.
Je lui ai passé un savon.
I tore her a new one.
On vous a passé un savon.
Your boss put some heat on you.
Je veux juste m'assurer qu'ils ont passé un savon à ce parasite.
I just want to make sure they throw the book at this parasite.
Il m'a passé un savon pendant 20 minutes.
I just spent 20 minutes getting chewed out by him.
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