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Translation of "passerait" in English

would happen would pass will happen gonna happen
we'd spend
gonna be
would be
we'd be
get through
could spend


J'avais peur de ce qui se passerait en reprenant une guitare.
I was afraid to pick up a guitar and fearful of what would happen.
Qu'est-ce qui se passerait si je le mélangeais avec...
What would happen if you mixed this with...
Je ne savais pas ce qui se passerait.
I didn't know what would happen.
Nous savions ce qui se passerait.
We both knew what would happen.
Imaginez juste ce qui se passerait, si la cicatrisation s'arrêtait de fonctionner.
Just imagine what would happen... if the healing stopped functioning.
J'espérais qu'il passerait inaperçu.
I was kind of hoping you wouldn't notice it.
Elle passerait fort bien en Allemagne.
She'd go down extremely well in Germany.
Vous allez bientôt déménager, on passerait un bon moment.
You guys are moving so soon. I thought it'd be a nice thing for us to do together.
Qu'on passerait la Saint-Valentin ensemble.
You promised we'd spend Valentine's Day together.
Toute femme passerait après sa musique.
Any woman would be second to his music.
Cherche pas, on y passerait la nuit.
So basically, don't ask, - 'cause we'll be here all night.
Je pensais que ça me passerait.
I know for sure that what I've been feeling all these years...
Il passerait pour une victime innocente.
He would appear to be an innocent victim.
Et qu'elle passerait chez Tony.
And that she was going to get a sandwich over at Tony's.
On passerait de belles semaines à rire.
We'd have had a few grand weeks and a lot of laughs.
Les ambulanciers pensaient qu'elle y passerait.
Then the ambulance guy said the old lady was a goner.
Personne ne passerait entre les baguettes.
There's not enough room between rods for a human being to fit.
Toute mise à jour de cette liste passerait par la procédure de comitologie.
Any updating of that list would be accomplished by comitology.
Ça ne passerait pas à Londres.
I'd never get away with it in London.
Il passerait pas du côté obscur.
He'd never go to the dark side.
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