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Translation of "penser" in English


y penser 3015
Tu sembles penser que tout Philadelphie veut m'espionner.
You seem to think everybody in Philadelphia... has nothing better to do than to check up on me.
Commence à penser comme un inspecteur.
I want you to start to think like a detective.
Peut-être, mais je ne voulais pas y penser.
Well, maybe. But, you know, it's not something I wanted to think about.
Mais toi commençaient pour penser cela.
But you were starting to think about it.
Certaines personnes savent penser comme un rédacteur.
See, some people just don't think like an editor.
Je devrais peut-être penser plus et moins ressentir.
I guess maybe I should think more and feel less.
Ne pas penser en anglais puis transposer.
You can't think in English and transpose it.
Laissons-le penser que son plan fonctionne.
Let him think that his plan is working.
J'aime penser qu'on est tous amis.
Well, I'd like to think on some level, we're all friends.
Mais vous pourriez penser au soleil.
Although you might want to think about the sun.
Ils doivent penser que nous dérivons.
They need to think we're just drifting.
Je savais pas trop quoi en penser.
I wasn't sure what to think about it... for a long time.
J'aimerais penser pouvoir supporter ça.
I'd like to think I could handle it.
Il est inhumain de penser autrement.
It is inhumane to think of anything otherwise.
Tu peux penser ça, Robert.
And you may think that, Robert - you'd be dead wrong.
Ils devaient penser que c'était pas important.
Well, I'm sure they didn't think it was anything that would ever be relevant.
Certaines personnes pourraient penser la semaine passée comme récente.
Well, some people might think in the last week as being recently.
Mourir peut aussi ralentir vos capacités à penser.
But, you know, dying can also do a number on your ability to think.
Les deux types armés derrière moi semblaient le penser.
The two guys standing behind me with the guns seemed to think so.
Tu dois juste arrêter et penser maintenant.
You just need to stop and think right now.
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y penser 3015

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