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Translation of "perdu la tête" in English


Le gars a totalement perdu la tête.
The guy's totally lost it.
À ce moment-là, j'ai perdu la tête.
At that moment, right there, I lost it.
Vous avez tous perdu la tête.
No, I think you fellas have all gone crazy.
Oui, Motomé avait perdu la tête.
True enough. Motome had indeed gone mad.
Ma fille a perdu la tête.
My girl, she's gone mad.
Le seul à être resté ici a perdu la tête.
There's just one guy here and I think he's lost it.
Et j'ai perdu la tête.
I guess I kind of lost it.
Il a manifestement perdu la tête.
Obviously, he is out of his mind.
Et il a perdu la tête.
Telephone for you, dear. I think it's your mother.
Finn a comme perdu la tête.
Finn has been acting like he's losing his mind.
J'ai simplement perdu la tête.
That was simply an aberration, fermented by the consumption...
Vous avez complétement perdu la tête.
You should have cut the roots in your mind.
Seulement que Peter Kramer avait perdu la tête.
Just that Peter Kramer lost his mind.
Il a complètement perdu la tête.
He's totally out of his mind.
Vous avez perdu la tête? Je crois bien que oui.
Yes, maybe you have. Tyree's wife said there was something in that root.
Son tuteur a dit qu'elle avait complètement perdu la tête.
She was entirely out of her mind, the guardian said.
Je crois... que vous avez perdu la tête.
What I'm thinking is that you two have completely lost your minds.
J'ai perdu la tête un instant.
For a moment, I lost my head.
J'ai un peu perdu la tête au club.
I suppose I did lose my head a little at the Mesmer Club.
Après quelques heures, on avait perdu la tête.
After a couple of hours, we were out of our minds.
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