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Translation of "permis" in English


Ils doivent solliciter un permis de travail ultérieurement.
They had to apply for a work permit at a later date.
J'ai un permis de travail.
I have a work permit. No, it's nothing like that.
Avoir un permis entraîne certaines obligations.
Having a licence puts some obligations on the licence holder.
Vous auriez dû renouveler votre permis.
Bet you wish you renewed that California driver's licence.
La possession du permis implique votre consentement.
Your possession of the license carries your implied consent.
Allez à Pineview pour votre permis.
You'll need to Pineview for that license.
C'est illégal de conduire sans permis.
It's unlawful to operate a motor vehicle without a license.
Elle risque de perdre son permis.
She's in danger of losing her license.
Ceux sans permis, brûlez leur tente.
Anyone without a licence, find them and burn down their tents.
Je n'ai plus de permis.
Well, let's see, I don't have a license.
Sinon, on me rendra pas mon permis.
I have to do this or I'm not going to get my license back.
Je renouvelle mon permis notariale hebdomadaire.
I renew my notary license on a weekly basis.
Votre permis américain n'est pas valide.
The local police are right, your American license isn't valid.
On attend toujours ce dernier permis, Isaac.
Well, we're still waiting on that last permit, Isaac.
Envoie son permis sur mon portable.
E- mail me his license. To my cell phone.
Il est responsable des tâches administratives associées au permis.
The master bander is responsible for the administrative duties associated with the permit.
Cette disposition interdit à quiconque de pêcher sans permis.
The provision enacts a blanket prohibition on fishing in the absence of licence.
On évalue toujours individuellement chaque demande de permis.
Each application for a permit is always assessed on its own merits.
Montre-leur le permis à la dernière minute.
Don't show them the permit till the last possible second.
Chercher un permis pour une fête.
Parker: To get a permit for a party.
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