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Translation of "petite-fille" in English

little girl
grand daughter


Jaime Ackerman, je jouais avec votre petite-fille.
Jamie Ackerman. I used to play with your granddaughter.
Je veux seulement vous parler de votre petite-fille.
I just want to talk to you about your granddaughter.
Docteur, Donna est mon unique petite-fille.
The thing is, Doctor, that Donna is my only grandchild.
Je berce un bout de petite-fille.
I'm rocking a piece of our grandchild.
Vous avez eu une petite-fille entre-temps.
You've had a grand-daughter in the meantime.
Sa descendance s'est perpétuée par sa petite-fille.
His posterity was assured through his grand-daughter.
Je te présente ma petite-fille, Haddie.
I want you to meet my granddaughter, Haddie.
Tu es avant tout ma petite-fille.
You are first and foremost, my granddaughter.
Mme Lefkowitz, ma petite-fille, Maggie Feller.
Mrs. Lefkowitz, this is my granddaughter Maggie Feller.
C'est gentil pour ta petite-fille.
That's a very nice thing to say about your granddaughter.
Ma mère veut simplement soutenir sa petite-fille.
I think that my mother is just trying to be supportive of her granddaughter.
Nous voyons notre petite-fille, Rachel.
We do get to see my granddaughter Rachel.
Ma petite-fille a dû se débrouiller.
I'm sure my granddaughter has put it out of hers.
Papa ne verra jamais sa petite-fille.
Dad will never get to meet his granddaughter.
Non, il accompagne sa petite-fille.
No. He's just hanging out with his granddaughter.
Je suis fier de ma petite-fille.
Keep it up. I'm proud of my granddaughter.
Que vous liez une solide amitié avec votre petite-fille.
That you were building a very solid friendship with your granddaughter.
Ma petite-fille Kayla aura bientôt deux ans.
My granddaughter Kayla will soon be two.
Ma petite-fille Rita a le rôle de Prologue.
My granddaughter Rita's playing the part of Prologue.
Une chambre pour moi et ma petite-fille.
A room for me and my granddaughter.
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