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Translation of "point commun" in English

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Notre seul point commun, c'est Woody Allen.
Our only common point, this is Woody Allen.
Ça vous fait un point commun.
It makes you a common point.
Mais toutes ces tentatives ont un point commun.
But all of these attempts have one thing in common.
Les filles qui gagnent cette couronne ont toutes un point commun.
The girls who take this crown home all have one thing in common.
Mais dès que je ressentais la nécessité d'arrêter, je me rappelais que nous avions un énorme point commun...
But whenever I begin to feel there's little reason to go on, I'm reminded that we still have one very major thing in common.
Tous les revenants ont un point commun.
Everyone that's come back - they have one thing in common.
Vous avez dû y voir ces 3 femmes aussi, et nous pensons qu'elles ont un point commun.
Well, you probably saw these three women on the news as well, and we think they all share one thing in common.
Ils ont bien un point commun.
They do have one thing in common.
Ils ont tous un point commun.
All different, but all with one thing in common.
C'est leur seul point commun.
It was the only common point.
Ils ont tous un point commun.
They all have one thing in common...
On a peut-être un point commun.
I'm just saying maybe there's a connection between all of us.
Je veux connaître leur point commun.
I want to know what they have in common.
Leur seul point commun est leur mort.
The only thing that really links these girls is their death.
Ils n'ont aucun point commun.
Doesn't look a thing like that guy.
Ça m'étonne que vous ayez un point commun avec Warren.
I find it hard to believe you have anything in common with Warren Granger.
J'ai trouvé un point commun aux quatre javel.
I found a common element in all four miniatures... bleach.
Jeannie avons beaucoup de point commun pour ça.
I mean, Jeannie and I have a lot in common that way.
Notre principal point commun, c'est qu'on veut les mêmes choses.
But the main thing we've got in common is we want the same things.
C'est devenu notre point commun... la peur.
That's become our commonality - fear.
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