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Translation of "pont" in English


demi-pont 372
Allons rejoindre les autres près du pont.
Cal, let's get over to those other two boats by the bridge.
La balise vous connectera au pont.
The beacon will connect you to the Bridge.
Allons flâner sur le pont promenade.
Let's take a stroll on the promenade deck.
Nous sommes sur le mauvais pont.
I'm afraid we're on the wrong deck.
Rien que penser à détruire ce pont...
Even to think of destroying that bridge is just...
Même rêver de détruire ce pont est...
Even to think of destroying that bridge is just...
On doit arriver au pont terrestre.
We need to get to the land bridge.
Je vais construire un pont devant.
I'll build a bridge in front of it.
On plonge encore du pont demain.
We're diving off the bridge again tomorrow.
On a presque terminé le pont couvert.
We are this close to finishing that covered bridge.
Nous devrions bientôt arriver au pont.
If we're on the right road we should cross that bridge soon.
Dites-moi pourquoi ce pont vous semble si important.
Tell me why this bridge is so important to you.
Ces dames m'attendent au pont.
Well, I'll reckon the women will meet me at the bridge.
Tu devrais être sur le pont George Washington.
You're supposed to be on the George Washington Bridge.
On doit juste construire un pont.
Look, we just have to build a bridge.
Activez le pont et faites-les traverser.
Activate the bridge and get them across immediately.
Il faut les arrêter avant le pont.
Sir, we need to stop 'em before they get to the bridge.
Montez la shampouineuse sur le pont.
Get that Captain's carpet cleaner up to the bridge.
Un camion Consolidated a traversé le pont.
Vinnie? A Consolidated truck, just going over the bridge.
Près du pont de Cattermole Road.
It's by the bridge in Cattermole Road.
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demi-pont 372

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