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Translation of "presse" in English


Ne divulguez aucune information à la presse.
Don't leak any information out to the press.
La presse externe réagit au verdict.
Opinions of the Outside Press on the Verdict.
La presse est une noble profession.
Well, the press is a noble profession.
Si vous voulez ameuter la presse mondiale.
Not unless you want the full attention of the world press.
La presse va vouloir quelques mots.
The press is going to want a few words.
J'accueille toujours bien la presse.
Sure. Always glad to talk to the press.
Son attaché de presse devait me rappeler.
The press secretary said he'd get back to me, he didn't.
Une autre interview pour la presse.
It's another one of those press interviews.
La presse va bientôt être partout.
The press is going to be all over this.
La presse va se jeter là-dessus.
Go after him like this, the press will swarm all over it.
Inattendue, cette conférence de presse.
I wasn't ready for a press conference.
Je dois attendre à cause du communiqué de presse.
Like I said, I have to wait to make the move because there was a press release.
Je communiquerai ce manifeste à la presse mondiale.
I will give this manifesto to the press of the entire world.
Pas un mot à la presse.
Aguado, send out a memo: No one talks to the press.
D'autres épisodes ont dernièrement suscité l'inquiétude dans la presse slovène.
This situation has been reflected recently by a number of events which have led to a certain amount of concern even in the Slovenian press.
Je descends maintenant pour la conférence de presse.
I'm just heading downstairs now for the press conference.
La presse en a beaucoup parlée.
Heard you had a big tax evasion case - lot of press.
Évidemment qu'ils veulent la presse.
Course they're going to get the press.
Si la presse arrive, appelez-moi.
And if the press comes, you call me.
Je comprends pourquoi Patterson gère la presse seul.
I can see why Patterson chose to handle the press on his own.
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