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Translation of "pris" in English


j'ai pris +10k
pris part 8263
pris fin 4719
Il a pris cette photo de nous.
He's the one that took the photo of us and showed it to Bill.
Spengler a pris un détecteur PKE.
He took PKE valences, went right off the top of the scale.
J'ai peut-être pris certaine choses.
I might have taken a couple of things.
Commençons par quelques clichés pris à Daikanyama.
Let's start with some shots taken at Daikanyama.
Le conseil a pris sa décision.
What? The council has made its decision.
J'ai pris une décision tactique.
Trust had nothing to do with it, I made a tactical decision.
Nous pensons avoir pris les bonnes décisions.
Our belief is that we have taken the right decisions.
Ce gentilhomme a pris notre dernière chambre.
Why, only now, this gentleman has taken our last room.
Que Bulger ait pris ou pas le risque...
Whether or not Bulger actually made the risky move last night, in Santa Monica, California...
Sam a pris son poste avec enthousiasme.
Sam's taken to his position with real gusto.
L'état-major a pris sa décision.
The joint chiefs have made their decision in light of this report.
Le tireur a pris son portefeuille.
Working late in the garage.Shooter took his wallet.
Tu n'as jamais pris ma défense.
Look, Jack, even when we were kids, you never took my side.
L'armée révolutionnaire a pris Wuchang.
On October 10, The Revolutionary army took over Wuchang.
Elle a pris rendez-vous avec Tom Delmonte.
She made an appointment with tom delmonte about this.
Et uniquement car jamais était déjà pris.
And that's only 'cause "never" was already taken.
J'ai pris ses empreintes moi-même.
I took a set of prints myself, though.
Celui qui voudra prendre sera pris.
The one that would take will be taken.
Peut-être ai-je pris les mauvaises décisions.
Maybe I've made all of the wrong decisions.
Vous avez pris une montagne primordiale.
You took the most important mountain in Lebanon.
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j'ai pris +10k
pris part 8263
pris fin 4719

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