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Translation of "proviennent de" in English

originate from
originate in
result of
come from are from
is provided by
been provided by
accounts for
was provided by
were provided by


Certaines petites lésions cutanées proviennent de cicatrisation ou d'infection.
Some small skin lesions are the result of scar formation and/or infection.
Ces chiffres proviennent de Travail Canada.
The source for those statistics is Labour Canada.
Ces données proviennent de plusieurs sources.
These data are obtained from a number of sources.
Les parlementaires proviennent de diverses formations politiques légales.
The members of Parliament came from several different legal political groupings.
Tous ces billets proviennent de la même agence.
All these tickets were booked through the same travel agency.
Tes plans proviennent de chez Hancock.
Nate, the plans you got were from the Hancock alarm company.
Ces accusations proviennent de plusieurs endroits différents.
These accusations have come from a number of different places.
Les fonds perçus localement proviennent de deux sources.
The funds that are collected locally come from two sources.
Les exemples choisis proviennent de diverses sources.
The examples chosen come from a variety of sources.
Les cheveux blancs proviennent de la perruque.
These strands of white hair are from the wig, sir.
Et elles proviennent de votre plâtre.
So, they're remnants from your cast.
Certains proviennent de la ShanghaiWatch Factory.
BD: Some come from the ShanghaiWatch Factory.
Toutes ses données proviennent de nous.
If she has data, it's because we fed it to her.
Les données rassemblées proviennent de sources variées.
The data contained here come from a variety of sources.
Les définitions du glossaire de GreenFacts proviennent de différentes sources.
The definitions in the GreenFacts Glossary have been compiled from various sources.
Les informations ci-dessus proviennent de la FEH avec son autorisation.
The above information is a translation of the FEH with its authorisation.
La majorité des données toxicologiques non cliniques proviennent de publications scientifiques.
The majority of the non-clinical toxicology data is derived from published scientific literature.
Les laques et peintures proviennent de petits fournisseurs très spécialisés.
The paints and the varnishes come from small, but highly specialized vendors.
Les meubles changent régulièrement et proviennent de jeunes créateurs innovateurs.
The pieces of furniture are constantly changed and come from young, innovative designers.
Les prêts proviennent de 40musées européens.
The loans featured are from 40 European museums.
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