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Translation of "quiconque" in English


La même chose arriverait à quiconque essaierait d'entrer.
My guess, the same thing would happen to anyone trying to fly in.
Dorothy ne partirait pas sans prévenir quiconque.
Dorothy wouldn't leave without telling anyone her plans.
Et quiconque détient ces comptes en banque résiste.
And whoever owns those fat bank accounts is fighting back.
On sera prêt contre quiconque se présentera.
I guess we'll be ready to run against whoever we have to.
II a menacé de tuer quiconque possède la Panthère Rose.
He sent out word threatening to kill anyone... in possession of the Pink Panther.
Il est interdit de blesser quiconque.
It is not permitted again to hurt anyone.
J'empêcherai quiconque de démanteler le kibboutz.
I won't let anyone break up the kibbutz.
Tu le mérites plus que quiconque.
You've done more to deserve my knife than anyone.
Le gouverneur nous a autorisés à questionner quiconque souhaite témoigner.
We are empowered by the Governor to question anyone wishing to testify.
Le docteur appelle quiconque sur ce vaisseau.
This is the Doctor to anyone on the ship.
Interdiction de contacter quiconque de son ancienne vie.
She didn't want me to get in touch with anyone from her old life.
Ils tuent quiconque leur fait obstacle.
No matter what, they'll kill anyone that gets in their way.
Que quiconque puisse envisager une telle chose est ignoble.
It is despicable that anyone would even consider such a thing.
Je n'ai jamais attaqué quiconque personnellement.
I have never made a personal attack on anyone.
Locke essaya d'empêcher quiconque de partir.
Locke once again tried to prevent anyone from leaving.
Si tu racontes ça à quiconque...
Look, if you open up your mouth about this to anyone...
Et Livia plus que quiconque, apparemment.
And Livia, it seems, more than anyone.
Méfiez-vous de quiconque se prétend prêtre.
Beware of anyone calling themselves a priest over you.
Nous ne devons pas juger quiconque.
And we are not supposed to judge anyone.
Un indispensable pour quiconque cherche à détoxifier.
This really is an essential for anyone in need of a detox.
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