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Translation of "ranger" in English

See also: ranger du côté
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clean up
tidy up
put away
pack up
settle down
pull over
clear up
straighten up
line up
stow away
sort out
pack away
storing store stored


Aide Potter à ranger ses livres.
Why don't you help Potter put his books back.
Vous devez ranger ça, mademoiselle.
You need to put that away, miss.
Vous êtes censés ranger votre chambre.
You're supposed to clean up your room.
On doit tout ranger, papa arrive.
We have to clean up this party right now. Dad's on the way.
Va ranger les provisions dans la tente.
Go on and stow them stores in the tent, Coley.
Maintenant nous allons ranger le tambour.
But now we'll put the drum away.
Ensuite, on va ranger cette chambre.
Soon we're going to clean up this room because it's a disgrace.
Maintenant tu peux ranger les affaires.
OK. Now you can put the tools away.
Je vais juste ranger mes affaires.
So I'll just, you know, put my things away.
La règle d'or : ranger le papier.
Golden rule - put paper away.
Je peux rester et vous aider à ranger.
Look, I can stay and help you clean up.
J'ai des tonnes de choses à ranger avant le départ.
Got a million things to clean up before I leave.
Je reste pour ranger un peu.
I'm going to stay and clean up a little.
Ils voulaient ranger encore une fois.
Yes. They wanted once more to tidy up.
Distribuer les autocollants et ranger les tables.
Important work, handing out stickers and putting away tables when the polls close.
Il faut encore ranger ses vêtements.
We still have to pick out her clothes.
Ils avaient dû la ranger ailleurs.
They must have put it back on the wrong shelf, dusting.
Tu étais sensée ranger, pas déranger.
You're supposed to be packing, not unpacking.
Je vais ranger cette fibre, Madame.
Getting up this excelsior, Mrs. Penmark. Messing up my lawn here.
Mon fils était censé ranger sa chambre hier.
My son was supposed to be cleaning his room yesterday.
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