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Translation of "rapporte" in English


L'invention de rapporte aussi à un procédé de décodage du symbole.
A method for decoding the symbol is also provided.
Aucune idée, je rapporte leur pressing.
I don't know, I'm just returning their dry cleaning.
Et rapporte le respirateur de l'ambulance.
And you can bring the ventilator from the ambulance.
Peu importe qui rapporte ces contrats.
I don't care who brings in the business.
Ce parchemin ne rapporte pas forcément la vérité.
Just because someone wrote that on a piece of parchment... doesn't make it true.
Chaque dépouille nous rapporte beaucoup d'argent.
Every head we bring in is worth lots of money.
Ça rapporte pas mal d'argent.
You can make quite a lot of money from it, you see.
Tu le fais tuer et César rapporte l'argent.
You could have had him killed... knowing that Caesar would bring the money back to the apartment.
On rapporte des explosions dans la ionosphère.
There are reports of explosions high up in the ionosphere.
On vous rapporte tous les documents nécessaires.
We'll be back with all the necessary documents.
Felix lui rapporte beaucoup d'argent.
Felix earns a lot of money for that guy.
Je le rapporte au labo pour la tester.
I'm taking a sample of it back to the lab and get it tested.
Elle rapporte deux boîtes par semaine.
She brings home, like, two boxes a week.
Voilà pourquoi je vous rapporte ceci.
Which is why I brought this back to you.
Alors qu'une bonne réputation rapporte.
Back on the payroll, your credit stands.
Daedalus rapporte 5 vaisseaux en zone de sécurité.
Daedalus just reported that five Ori ships have breached the safe zone.
La prochaine fois, rapporte la taille familiale...
So next time, just bring like the family-order size...
Je lui en rapporte toujours du Brésil.
Every time I go to Brazil, I bring her back a bag.
Elle rapporte des danses spéciales de Paris.
She's bringing over some special dances from Paris.
Et rapporte ces chaises à la cafétéria.
Make sure you return those chairs to the cafeteria.
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