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Translation of "rares" in English


rares cas 1726
Il existe toutefois de rares exceptions.
However, there may be some rare exceptions.
Les effets secondaires aigus comme les inflammations sont rares.
Acute side effects, such as reddening of the skin, are rare.
Malheureusement, les succès sont rares.
Unfortunately, examples of such successes are few.
Les rares exceptions sont les Bahamas, Montserrat et Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis.
Bahamas, Montserrat and Saint Kitts and Nevis were among the few exceptions in this respect.
Les places étaient rares - volontairement.
Places were scarce and kept that way deliberately.
Expérience, équipements et ravitaillement étaient rares.
Experience, equipment, supplies... all were scarce.
En premier lieu, les réserves spécifiquement territoriales sont extrêmement rares.
In the first place, reservations dealing specifically with territory were extremely rare.
Les collectionneurs connaissent les pièces rares.
Rare ones are well known to the collectors.
Un des rares passages secrets qui mènent ici.
There they found a cave, a rare chasm that brought them here from their world.
Les attentats anti-vivisectionnistes sont rares en Grande-Bretagne.
Violent attacks on vivisectionists are rare on British soil.
Des allumettes rares à Londres, mais insoupçonnables aux États-Unis.
An American match folder, rare in London but completely inconspicuous in the United States.
Les enfants des trois Grands sont très rares.
It's extremely rare for a child to be born to one of the big three.
Nous pouvons en discuter autour de quelques rares millésimes.
There's no reason we couldn't do this over some rare vintages.
Les occasions de rire sont rares.
It's a rare occasion when I'm able to laugh like this.
Les occasions de travailler sont rares.
It's rare you get the opportunity to work.
Les rares écarts observés sont passablement minimes.
The few variances that do exist are quite minor.
Mais notre vieille université offre des consolations rares.
But this fine old university of ours, she offers some rare consolations.
Il collectionnait les éditions rares, signées...
He was a collector- rare printings, signed first editions, things like that.
Trafiquant d'espèces rares ou menacées.
He makes a living... from rare and endangered species.
Profitons de ces instants trop rares.
We have to make the best of these rare moments.
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rares cas 1726

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