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Translation of "recule" in English

back off back up step back get back stand back retreat recedes
is declining
backing up
backs away
backs off
backing down
going backwards
is falling
is decreasing


Toi, recule de 5 m.
You, back up about 5 yards.
OK, et recule un peu.
Okay, and back up a little bit.
Très bien, recule, Dylan.
All right, step back, Dylan.
Je recule, Je vois le paquet entier.
I step back, I see the whole schmegge.
L'orteil, le talon, recule.
Toe, heel, step back.
Très bien, mais recule, je veux pas que les éclats t'atteignent.
All right, but back up, 'cause I don't want the glass to shatter at your face.
O.K., recule, regarde le travail.
All right, step back and watch me work.
D'accord, recule, recule.
All right, back up, back up.
Non, non, recule, recule.
No, no, back up, back up.
La syphilis recule aux États-Unis depuis 1992.
The rates for syphilis have been declining in the United States since 1992.
Il reçoit le ballon, recule.
Two receivers to his right. takes the snap, drop back.
J'entends un camion qui recule.
Did you see what just happened here? Well, that all depends.
Sois une gentille fille et recule.
Be a good girl, back away from him.
Le reste de la compagnie recule.
The rest of the company's moving back 500 yards.
Maintenant, recule, qu'on puisse respirer.
Right now, I need you to back away and give us a little space.
L'arbitre les sépare et Dent recule.
The referee separates the two fighters and Dent backs away inexplicably.
Ne recule devant aucun effort pour progresser.
Does not draw back from any effort to progress.
La croissance recule, l'inflation avance.
Growth is declining and inflation is on the increase.
Si les prix sont élevés, la consommation recule.
High prices for spirits reduce drinking.
La solidarité recule dangereusement dans le monde d'aujourd'hui.
At present there is a dangerous decline in world solidarity.
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