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Translation of "regard" in English

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Un regard inquisiteur, très pénétrant.
Inquisitive look in her eye, really sharp.
Et la marmotte au regard dramatique.
And there's "Dramatic Look Gopher".
Peut-être qu'avec un regard différent...
But perhaps if you looked at it from a different point of view...
Rappelez-vous, un seul regard suffit.
Remember, one look from her is enough.
Elles peuvent te transcender du regard.
They can cut you down with a look.
Ce regard innocent ne cache rien.
That innocent look don't hide a thing.
Par un regard, une impulsion.
How? -It's a look, or a feeling or something.
Votre regard est distant, Tammy.
You've got a faraway look, Tammy.
J'invite mes collègues d'en face à porter un nouveau regard, un regard empreint de tolérance, sur ce que signifient l'égalité et l'équité.
I appeal to my colleagues on the other side to take another look and to have a more tolerant view of what equality and equity are all about.
Un regard durant ces 20 dernières années, un seul vrai regard pour vos enfants et vous auriez su.
One look in the past 20 years, one real look at your own children and you would have known.
Allez, un petit regard s'il te plaît, lance-moi ton beau regard suffisant.
Come on now, give me a little look.
Celles-ci doivent être analysées au regard des art.
These provisions must be analysed in the light of arts.
Je voyais son regard déraper vers Kristin Notneff.
Woman: I could see that his gaze was drifting towards Kristin Notneff.
Il nous faut un regard neuf.
I think we need to put a fresh pair of eyes on it.
Je sentais votre regard insistant derrière moi.
You sat behind me. I could feel your eyes boring into me.
Son regard est empreint de violence.
His stare yet holds the promise of violence.
Je vous ai aimée dès le premier regard.
I've been in love with you since the first time you looked at me.
Tu n'as pas un droit de regard.
It's not like you have a right to tell me who I can be with.
Le pompiste a croisé son regard.
Jake, the gas station attendant, made eye contact with him.
Si c'est dans son regard.
Why didn't you say so? It's in her eyes.
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