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Translation of "regarder ça" in English

watch it
watch this look at this look at that watch that look at it
look into it
check it
check this
look at these
look into that
take a look


Je ne vois pas l'intérêt de regarder ça.
I never could understand wanting to watch it.
Et je serai là pour regarder ça se produire.
And I'll be here to watch it happen.
Je ne peux pas regarder ça.
[Indistinct chattering] - I can't watch this.
Je sais, il faudrait un mot de passe pour regarder ça.
I know - I feel like I need a safe word to watch this.
Tenez-le ici. eJe veux regarder ça.
Okay, hold him there. I want to get a look at this.
Monsieur, vous devez regarder ça.
Sir, you need to have a look at this.
OK, on va regarder ça.
OK, we'll have a little look at this.
Alicia, tu pourrais vouloir regarder ça ce soir.
Alicia, you might want to look at this tonight.
Tu ferais bien de regarder ça.
You ought to take a look at this.
On devrait me payer pour regarder ça.
I sure wish they paid me to watch this.
Dr Brennan, je pense que vous devriez regarder ça.
Dr. Brennan, I think you should take a look at this.
On ne peut pas regarder ça sans elle.
We can't watch this without her.
Si tu peux regarder ça aie le courage de tuer une araignée.
If you can look at this, you should have enough courage to kill a spider the right way.
On peut regarder ça et enregistrer ça, en même temps.
Look, you can watch this and DVR that, all at the same time.
Tu ferais mieux de regarder ça.
I think you need to take a look at this.
Alan, vous... vous devriez regarder ça.
Alan, you... you might want to look at this.
Eric, je crois que tu devrais regarder ça.
Eric, I think you should take a look at this.
Promets de plus jamais regarder ça.
Promise me you won't ever watch it.
Je promets de plus regarder ça.
I promise I won't watch it.
Shérif... vous devriez regarder ça.
Sheriff... you should look at this.
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