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Translation of "regarder les" in English

look at the watch the see the view the check the
stare at the
look the
check out the
face the


J'allais Juste regarder les photos.
I was just going to look at the pictures.
Peut-être devrions-nous juste regarder les nombres.
Maybe we should just look at the numbers.
Je veux pouvoir regarder les matchs.
I want to be able to watch the games.
Tu pourras regarder les te changer les idées.
Now you'll be able to watch the games as a break from your work.
Je devrais regarder les fichiers moi-même.
Maybe I should look at the files myself.
Il pourrait regarder les preuves différemment.
Then he might look at the evidence differently.
Il la forçait à regarder les tortures.
No. They say he forced her to watch the torture.
Vous pourriez vouloir regarder les fleurs dans cette signalisation.
You might want to look at the flowers in this posting.
Mais je veux regarder les Clangers !
Out! - But I want to watch The Clangers!
Pour commencer rapidement, nous vous proposons de regarder les exemples qui se trouvent dans le paquet PDFlib.
For a jump start we urge you to take a look at the programming samples which are contained in all PDFlib distribution packages.
Commencez par regarder les connexions sur votre ordinateur.
First, look at the connections on your computer.
Je ne veux pas regarder les touches.
I don't want to look at the keys.
Ni regarder les photos que j'ai vues au bureau.
And you must never look at the photos I've seen at the coroner's office.
Quand tu auras ton appartement on pourra regarder les photos et en rire.
When you get your tenure we can look at the pictures and laugh.
Nous pouvons regarder les bandes de la sécurité.
We can look at the closed-circuit security feed.
Mes cauchemars vont s'empirer si tu m'empêches de regarder les plaques.
I'll have worse nightmares if you don't let me look at the plates again.
Tu aurais vu papa regarder les Mets.
You've seen daddy watch the mets.
Je suis en route pour regarder les fichiers.
I'm on my way in to look at the files.
N'oubliez pas de regarder les infos demain.
Don't forget to watch the news tomorrow.
Il aime vraiment regarder les nuages.
He really does like looking up at the clouds.
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