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Translation of "remettre" in English


Laisse-moi remettre Virgil et Max sur Brody.
Let me put Virgil and Max back on Brody.
On pourrait au moins remettre nos vêtements.
You could at least let us put our clothes back on.
Je pourrais remettre les papiers à Daniela...
If you want, I could give the papers to Daniela.
Je désirais vous remettre quelque chose.
Yes. There is something I want to give you.
Chef, vous devriez remettre votre casque.
Sir, I'd feel better if you put your helmet back on.
Tu devras remettre Marshall de quelques jours.
You'll have to put Marshall off for a few days.
Ballard, empêche-les de remettre leurs hauts.
Ballard, don't let them put their tops back on.
Je te laisserai remettre le chapeau.
I'll let you put the hat back on.
Je dois remettre ces pages ensembles.
I need to put these pages back together.
Vous pouvez remettre du poids dessus.
You can put some weight on it now.
Je vais devoir remettre la cagoule.
I'll need to put this hood back on.
Le Gouvernement peut donc remettre de tels délinquants auxdites juridictions.
This enables the Government to surrender such offenders to all such jurisdictions.
Je voudrais remettre ces chaussons à Mademoiselle Doro.
I'd like to deliver these shoes to Mademoiselle Doro.
Je vais lui remettre ses ailes.
Well, send him down and maybe he'll earn his wings back.
On voulait savoir si vous alliez vous remettre ensemble.
No, we were trying to determine whether you're getting back together.
Je peux juste lui remettre moi-même.
I can just hand it to her myself.
Je vais la remettre en marche.
Yes, I will turn the air conditioning back on, I promise.
Je vais tout remettre en place.
I'll put it back, if that's what you want.
Pratt veut que Weaver le remettre au planning.
Pratt keeps calling, wants Weaver to put him on the schedule.
Vous devriez peut-être vous remettre ensemble.
Maybe this means you guys should get back together.
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