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Translation of "rendre service" in English

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be helpful
do a favor
do a favour
a favor a favour
something for me
any favors
a little favor
a big favor
doing favors


Si vous voulez me rendre service, apportez-moi une bouteille.
Only service you could do me is to be carrying a bottle.
Mais tu peux lui rendre service.
But you can be of service to him.
Je voudrais te rendre service, mais deux cents...
I'd like to help you out, Frank, but two...
Toujours heureux de rendre service à un confrère.
Always happy to help a brother out.
Je suis sûr que les Bourguignons seront heureux de rendre service.
Well, if you don't, I'm sure the Burgundians would be happy to oblige.
Je suis toujours prêt à rendre service.
Well, you know me, always glad to help.
Je ne gagne rien avec la vidange, c'est pour rendre service.
I don't earn anything with the draining, it's just to help out.
Nous sommes ravis d'avoir pu rendre service.
One is glad to be of service.
Je suis... ravie de vous rendre service pendant mon séjour.
I'm... glad I can be of service to you, while I'm here.
Va donc rendre service aux gens.
You just can't help some people.
C'est la meilleure façon de rendre service.
That's the way the best help is supposed to be.
Je l'aurais fait pour te rendre service.
Now not so sweet. No, as, like, a favor to you.
C'est pas pour rendre service.
I'm not about helping you, blondie.
Je suis sorti pour vous rendre service.
I come out to do you a favor and this is the thanks I get.
Je voulais seulement vous rendre service.
I only want to make you some good doors.
Tu devrais être heureuse de nous rendre service.
[Barbara] I should think you'd be happy to do something for us.
Jessop croyais pouvoir nous rendre service.
Jessop thought he was doing us both a favor.
Je voulais juste te rendre service.
What's the matter? I'm doin' you a favour.
Je voulais rendre service Maser Thackeray.
I was only trying to help, Mr. Thackeray, Sir.
Vous allez pouvoir rendre service à mon pays.
Well, then, you are in a position to render my country a great service.
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