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Translation of "respect" in English


Nous devrions leur témoigner notre respect.
We should give them this sign of respect.
Nous parlons du respect du Règlement.
We are talking about respect for the rules.
Ils faciliteront aussi le respect du Règlement sanitaire international révisé.
It will also facilitate compliance with the revised International Health Regulations (IHR).
Le respect des instruments internationaux et régionaux leur consacrant reste problématique.
Compliance with the international and regional instruments guaranteeing these rights is still a problem.
Tu me semblais la seule digne de respect.
Of all the olympians, you were the only one who ever seemed to deserve my respect.
Mes remerciements et respect à vous tous.
I wish to express my thanks and respect to you all.
J'ai beaucoup de respect pour ton métier.
ELl: I have a lot of respect for people who do what you do.
Allez sur le terrain et gagnez leur respect.
You get out there on that field and you earn their respect.
Mais ma crainte naît du respect...
But my fear is born out of respect...
Par respect, on les a juste avertis.
SAM: Out of respect, guys from other crews got away with a warning.
Affronte ton père et gagne son respect.
Sometimes we fight our fathers and they respect us.
Ayez un minimum de respect pour vos collègues.
We expect everyone here to treat their coworkers... with a certain level of respect.
On doit les traiter avec respect.
And we need to treat them with respect.
Honneur et respect à nos 5000 victimes.
Honour and respect to the 5,000 victims among us.
Par respect pour les morts, voyez-vous.
Out of respect for the dead, you understand.
Les habitants le traitent avec beaucoup de respect.
The locals would treat it with a lot of respect, like it was sacred.
Il veut lui apprendre le respect.
Said he wants to teach him some respect.
Je porterai mes chemises avec plus de respect.
At no notion, I should wear my shirt in the future with more respect.
Beaucoup de respect pour le bureau.
Got a lot of respect for the office.
Aucun d'eux ne méritait mon respect.
Neither of those men deserved my respect, so they didn't get it.
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