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Translation of "responsables" in English


Ils sont responsables, contrairement au gouvernement.
They are responsible even if this government is not.
Comme gouvernement, nous serons responsables.
As a government, we will do the responsible thing.
Il existe quatre Fédérations nationales responsables des activités sportives pour enfants handicapés.
There are four National Federations, which are responsible for sports activities for disabled children.
Elle dénonce Vladimiro Montesinos Torres et d'autres responsables.
The complaint is brought against Vladimiro Montesinos Torres and those responsible.
De plus, des fonctionnaires pénitentiaires sont responsables des mineurs.
In addition, Penitentiary Government Officials are responsible for the young persons.
Entités responsables : organismes chargés de donner suite.
The organizations and/or bodies responsible for actions are correspondingly identified.
Ces documents seront ensuite soumis pour examen aux autorités policières responsables.
These documents will then be submitted to the responsible security authorities for examination.
Cuba attend des mesures énergiques et responsables de la communauté internationale.
Cuba expects energetic and responsible action on the part of the international community.
Regardes-nous, responsables avec les drogues.
Look at us, being responsible with drugs.
Deux personnes responsables doivent garder le cercueil.
Two responsible people must keep watch over the coffin until nightfall.
Si Evan recommence, on est responsables.
If Evan hurts another kid, we are responsible.
Les hommes ne sont pas responsables.
Till then, the men are not responsible.
Nous espérons que les responsables seront traduits en justice.
It is our hope and wish that those responsible will be brought to book.
Les Syrrannites sont responsables et seront punis en conséquence.
Syrrannites were responsible, and they'll be dealt with accordingly.
On est tous responsables pour nos propres décisions.
Ultimately, we're all responsible for our own lives.
Ces centres sont aussi responsables de la médecine scolaire.
The centres were also responsible for health care in the schools.
Le promoteur nomme les personnes responsables des archives dans son organisation.
The sponsor shall appoint individuals within its organisation who are responsible for archives.
Nous sommes désormais responsables de votre protection.
We are responsible for your protection from now on.
Premièrement, nous devons pouvoir déterminer les responsables.
Firstly, we must be able to determine who is responsible.
Nous serons responsables de notre matériel.
We will be responsible for our own material.
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