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Translation of "ressemble" in English


Et ma maison ressemble au bien-nommé Chuck E.
And my house looks like - a well-appointed Chuck E. Cheese.
Et voilà ce à quoi il ressemble maintenant.
It's a few years old, and this is what he looks like now.
Mon petit-fils ne nous ressemble pas.
My own grandson doesn't even look like one of us.
Facile quand on ressemble à Frankenstein.
Easy to do when you look like Frankenstein.
Ça ressemble à toutes les autres.
It looks like all the thousands of other videos on the Internet.
Ça ressemble aux branchiospines du voisinage.
This looks like your friendly neighborhood gill raker.
Ça ressemble au garçon du portrait-robot.
That looks like the boy from the composite sketch.
Ça ressemble à un jeu américain appelé golf.
That looks like a game we play back in America called golf.
Ça ressemble à une décharge électrique.
This looks like some kind of electrical discharge.
Il ressemble au méchant dans Dune.
He looks like the bad guy from Dune.
Elle ne ressemble pas a Hallie.
He didn't look like a Hallie to me.
Cela ressemble aux obélisques de l'Égypte antique.
They look like the obelisks built by the ancient Egyptians.
Mon œuf ressemble à une soupe.
I mean, Mom, seriously, mine looks like egg drop soup.
Je me demande à quoi ressemble les tiens.
I wonder what yours looks like. I didn't get a good look at it before.
Voilà à quoi ressemble un shérif.
There. Now that's what a sheriff looks like.
Tu ressemble au maître du paradis.
You look like the maitre d' in heaven.
Elle ressemble à beaucoup d'autres filles.
I think there's a lot of girls who kind of look like her.
Regardez à quoi ressemble la ségrégation.
Look, this is what segregation looks like.
Voilà à quoi ressemble une famille planifiée.
This is how a model family should look like.
Ce dispositif unique ressemble à une tétine ordinaire.
This unique product is designed to look like an ordinary child's dummy.
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