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Translation of "rompu" in English

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Son parti a rompu une promesse fondamentale qui a été faite aux Canadiens.
His party has broken a basic and fundamental promise to the people of the country.
Ineni Hassan a rompu un accord avec le SD-6.
Ineni Hassan has broken an agreement with SD-6.
Techniquement, tu avais rompu avec Cappie.
Technically, you'd just broken up with Cappie.
Je croyais que vous aviez rompu.
I was under the impression that you'd broken up.
Mais Joey et Chastity avaient rompu.
But Joey and Chastity were already broken up.
J'ignorais que vous aviez rompu.
I didn't know you two had broken up.
On a peut-être rompu, alors...
And, you know, we may have broken up, so.
Évidemment on a rompu, et c'était... un moment de faiblesse.
Obviously, we're broken up, and it was... a moment of weakness.
C'est arrivé pendant qu'on avait rompu.
This happened while we were broken up.
Quand sa mère est morte, on a rompu quelques mois.
When her mom died, we just broken up for a few months.
Je t'ai dit que nous avons rompu.
Tracy, I told you, Jennifer and I had broken it off years ago.
On a rompu mutuellement, donc...
You know, this time, we broke up mutually, so...
Naturellement, Robin et moi avons rompu.
Of course, Robin and I didn't end up together.
Je croyais que tu avais rompu avec les militaires.
I'm surprised at you, Jane. I thought that you had given up the military years ago.
Après avoir rompu, on bosse toujours ensemble.
After you're done dating, you still get to work together every single day.
Nous avons peut-être rompu nos fiançailles un peu vite.
You know, I wonder if we may have acted a bit hastily in calling off our engagement.
Nous avons rompu, mais essaie de tourner la page.
I know it didn't work out between us... but, please, do try and get over it.
Jamais un homme n'avait rompu.
I'm the first guy ever to break up with a woman.
Et soudain, notre petit cessez-le-feu était rompu.
And just as suddenly, our little cease-fire was over.
C'est injuste d'avoir rompu notre accord.
You know, it was very wrong of you to back out on that deal.
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