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Translation of "sérieusement" in English


Mais sérieusement, je vais te parler franco.
But seriously, I'm going to lay it out for you, right now.
Non sérieusement, je commence aujourd'hui.
No seriously, it's supposed to be my first day.
Ce deuxième but a sérieusement ébranlé les fans.
And that second goal has really knocked the stuffing out of the fans.
La Conférence doit étudier sérieusement ce problème.
This issue should be followed seriously at the Conference.
Cette carence a sérieusement entravé la transparence des élections.
This lack of access seriously hampered the transparency of the elections.
Le Gouvernement s'y engage sérieusement.
The Government is seriously committed to doing this.
Bien, cela devrait sérieusement réduire la douleur.
Joel: Well, that should seriously dull the pain.
Je dois sérieusement retourner à L.A.
I so seriously need to get back to LA.
J'aimerais vous parler sérieusement pour un moment.
Now I'd like to speak to you seriously for a moment.
Tu commences sérieusement à maîtriser tes pouvoirs.
You are seriously getting a handle on your power.
Tu dois me prendre sérieusement Kim.
What? You need to take me seriously, Kim.
Melanie, sérieusement, rends-moi la veste.
Melanie, seriously, give me back the jacket.
On examine sérieusement cette possibilité, oui.
We're seriously looking into that possibility, yes.
Jamais assez sérieusement pour aller jusqu'au bout.
Well, never seriously enough to go through with it.
Je croyais que tu voulais discuter sérieusement.
Go ahead, be funny. I thought you wanted to discuss this seriously.
Trêve de plaisanteries, parlons sérieusement.
Now let's stop playing and talk a little seriously.
Montre-moi juste que tu peux prendre ça sérieusement.
Dyson: Just show me you can take this seriously.
Il rit quand je suis sérieusement tendu.
He is laughing when I'm seriously stressed out.
Et sérieusement... garde un oeil sur Jenny.
And, seriously... keep an eye out for Jenny in there.
Ce gouvernement doit sérieusement réexaminer sa fidélité envers Usman.
The US administration has to seriously reappraise its allegiance to Usman.
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