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Translation of "sac" in English


Ce sac contient un beau pactole.
There's a lot of money in the bag.
Elle entrerait facilement dans ce sac.
She could easily fit in a bag like that.
Videz votre sac sur la table.
Please empty the contents of your purse onto the table.
Trouver votre sac est ma mission.
I've made it my mission to find your purse.
Le sac servait à envoyer un message.
But this backpack thing was obviously done to send a message.
Alexis, viens prendre ton sac.
I got it. Alexis, let's put your backpack on.
Chaque sac contient les affaires d'un patient.
Each bag contains the clothes and effects of one patient.
Tous les enregistrements étaient dans ce sac.
All the backing tapes and stuff used to be in this bag.
J'ai les billets dans mon sac.
Look, actually, I've got the tickets right here in my bag.
Portez ce sac à mon père.
You may take this bag to my father in the card room.
Mon sac est sur la table.
My purse is on the table, and don't do that again.
Vous devez laisser votre sac dehors.
You'll have to leave the bag out here.
Il vous faut le sac assorti.
Actually, I think you need to get the matching bag, too.
Et retirez ce sac des épaules.
Take the bag off your shoulder and put it down.
Mets les explosifs dans le sac marron.
Boyd, put those explosives in the brown bag.
Je vais aller chercher mon sac.
If you don't mind, I'll just go get my bag.
Laisse-moi agrafer ce sac pour toi.
Let me just staple that bag for you.
Je vais ramasser mon sac maintenant.
I'm going to pick up my bag now.
J'ai mis des choses dans ton sac.
I've put a few things in your bag. I'll see you tonight.
On devrait aller chercher le sac.
We should go get the bag That's what we came for.
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