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Translation of "salaud" in English

Je suis toujours réveillée vieux salaud.
I'm still awake, you old bastard.
Vous êtes vraiment un parfait salaud.
You really and truly are a perfect bastard.
Ce salaud est juste derrière nous.
That son of a bitch is coming right behind us.
Si seulement ce salaud était là.
I wish that son of a bitch was here.
Je veux juste coincer ce salaud.
I just really want to nail this asshole.
Le salaud qui voulait atomiser la Tchétchénie.
The asshole who wanted to use nukes in Chechnya.
Tant que ce salaud nous le permet.
So far this son of a bitch hasn't allowed us to do that.
Ce salaud est au lit avec ma fille.
I come home from work, and this bastard is in bed with my daughter.
Sauvez ce salaud et amenez-le moi.
Rescue the son of a bitch and bring him to me.
Ce salaud est capable de tout.
Now I know what the son of a bitch has been up to.
Ce salaud va s'en tirer.
That son of a bitch, he's getting away with it.
On coincera ce salaud dans sa papeterie.
We're gonna bag the smug son of a bitch at his paper factory.
Ce salaud essaie d'arrêter le train.
That bastard's trying to take over the train.
Mais ce petit salaud voulait la ramener dedans.
But that little bastard kept dragging her right back down into it.
Ce salaud vient plus depuis longtemps.
That bastard has not come around in a long time.
Ce salaud est venu me chercher.
The son of a bitch is coming for me.
Si vous avez attrapé ce salaud, oui.
Yeah, I'll be all right if you tell me you got that bastard.
Je voulais voir ce salaud en face.
I wanted to see the son of a bitch, look him in the eyes.
Maintenant le salaud en est propriétaire.
Now the son of a bitch owns the circus.
J'apprendrai à ce petit salaud...
I'm going to teach that little bastard...
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