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Translation of "salir" in English

get dirty
mess up
dirt on
dirty up


Les type riches ne vont pas salir leurs propres mains.
Guy that rich wouldn't dirty his own hands.
On va salir les deux un petit peu.
We'll dirty the hype and rub some off on the gold.
L'industrie du tabac a voulu salir Wigand.
Big Tobacco tried to smear Wigand.
Que les Blossom essaient de nous salir après ça.
Let's see the Blossoms try to smear us then.
Donc, nous allons tourner ça comme une tentative pour vous salir.
So we'll spin this as an attempt to smear you.
Il est l'heure de te salir.
It's time to get dirty.
Il ne faut pas salir ce qui est beau.
You mustn't dirty something beautiful.
Pas sur le lit, tu vas tout salir.
Don't put it on the bed, it's dirty.
Je mets ça là pour ne pas vous salir.
Let me put this here so you don't get too dirty.
Vous allez salir votre jolie robe.
You are going to ruin your pretty dress.
Je n'aime pas me salir.
I don't like to mess up any case I'm on.
On voudrait pas salir ce bel endroit.
We don't want to mess up your nice place here.
On veut pas salir votre maison.
We don' t want to mess your house.
Il cherche évidemment à salir ma réputation.
Of course he would seek to ruin my reputation.
Certaines personnes veulent salir Joe Kent.
I think some people would like to see Joe Kent brought low.
Je ne voudrais pas salir sa réputation.
I don't wish to injure his reputation further.
Tuez ceux qui veulent salir cette victoire.
Kill those that want to mess up this victory.
Je ne veux pas salir mon tapis.
These leaves are wet, ...I can't have them soiling my carpet.
Elle voulait pas salir ses vêtements.
She didn't want to get her clothes dirty.
Ces types veulent salir ma réputation.
They are trying to ruin my good name.
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