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Translation of "saurez" in English


Vous saurez tout de moi là-bas.
You will know everything about me over there.
Vous saurez tout quand le temps viendra.
You will know everything when the time is right.
Vous saurez quand la température va changer.
You will know when to expect changes in temperature.
Maintenant, vous saurez où acheter Testogen magasin officiellement approuvé.
Now, you will know where to buy Testogen officially trusted store.
Mais vous seule saurez comment vaincre Ro'kenhrontyes.
But only you will know what you have to do to defeat Ro'kenhrontyes.
Connaissez Washington et vous saurez pratiquement tout de la République américaine.
Know Washington and you will know practically... all there is to understand about the American republic.
Vous saurez mieux comment la préparer à ces tristes nouvelles.
You will know best how to prepare her for this unhappy news.
Quand vous saurez, je suis là.
When you decide what you want from us I'll be here, on duty.
Vous saurez peut-être ce qui manque.
Maybe you could figure out what's missing.
Quand vous saurez qui, dites-le-moi.
When you decide what, let me know.
Vous ne saurez pas où chercher.
You wouldn't know where to find it.
Quand vous saurez comment jouer, appelez-nous.
When you know how you're playing this, give a yell.
Ce jour-là, vous saurez choisir.
That's the day you'll know how to choose.
Et vous saurez différencier possession et psychose.
Plus, you'll get to know the real difference between possession and mental illness.
Prévenez-moi quand vous saurez quelque chose.
OK, get back to me when you know something.
Vous le saurez en temps voulu.
But you'll hear something one way or the other in due time.
Je suis certain que vous saurez employer votre temps.
Well, I'm sure you'll find something to occupy your time the rest of the day.
Je vais considérer que vous saurez résoudre vos différends.
I'm going to assume you two can resolve your differences and move on.
Vous saurez tout à l'ambassade.
We'll explain everything to you at the embassy, sir.
Si je disparais vous saurez où me chercher.
Well, if I get lost, you know where to send the search party.
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