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Translation of "savoir" in English

find out
knowledge is power
figure out
be aware
know how to
come out
be able to
know about it
have in mind


savoir si +10k
le savoir +10k
Nous devons savoir combien elle coûtera.
We must know how much it will cost.
Nous voulons savoir laquelle est vraie.
We want to know what the real story is.
Contactez-nous pour savoir comment PureCMS aidera à votre entreprise.
Contact us to find out how PureCMS can help your organization.
Nous allons savoir le résultat des élections américaines.
Let's find out the results of the American elections.
Le vétérinaire veut savoir combien nous voulons dépenser.
The vet wants to know how much we're willing to spend.
Je ferai savoir que tu cherches.
I'll let them all know that you're looking.
Mais je ne veux pas le savoir.
If you went the extra yard here, I don't need to know it.
Quelques benchmarks pour savoir si votre machine suffira.
Some benchmarks to know if your machine will be up to the game.
Cette citoyenne voudrait savoir à qui adresser sa demande.
My constituent would like to know to whom they should address their request.
Nous souhaiterions simplement savoir quelle est la situation.
We would just like to know what the situation is.
Je veux savoir quand il revient.
When's he coming home? I need to know.
Elle souhaite notamment savoir si ces rapports sont réglementés.
In particular, she wished to know whether that relationship was regulated at all.
Il souhaite également savoir si les communautés autochtones sont systématiquement consultées.
He would also like to know whether consultations with indigenous communities always took place.
Il souhaite donc savoir comment procéder.
He therefore wished to know what steps should be taken.
Elle aimerait savoir ce qui explique cette situation.
She would like to know the reasons for that situation.
Elle souhaite savoir quelles dispositions la Constitution contient à ce sujet.
She would like to know what provisions the Constitution contained on that subject.
Il serait bon de savoir si ceux-ci ont diminué.
It would be good to know whether there had been any decrease in the incidence of such problems.
Il voudrait savoir si ces critères sont systématiquement appliqués.
He would like to know whether those criteria were applied systematically.
Elle voulait savoir si les tireurs conduisaient une Oldsmobile.
She wanted to know if the shooters were driving an Oldsmobile.
Elle souhaiterait également savoir si ces commentaires seront transmis au Parlement.
She also wished to know whether those comments would be forwarded to Parliament.
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savoir si +10k
le savoir +10k

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