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Translation of "se retourner" in English

turn around
look back
turn over
roll over
turn round
flip over
look round
look around
turn against
be turning
be rolling over
be spinning


Si tout le monde veut bien se retourner.
If everyone would turn around, please.
Quand il sera entré, ne le laissez pas se retourner.
Once he comes through this door, don't let him turn around.
Souviens-toi, on avance sans se retourner.
Remember the rule: We keep moving, and we don't look back.
On les avait ensuite enjoints de franchir la frontière sans se retourner.
They were then told to cross the border and not look back.
Il ne va pas tarder à se retourner.
It won't take him long to turn around.
Avoir un coach se retourner pour moi
To have a coach Turn around for me
Jeter les trucs et ne pas se retourner.
Throw stuff out and never look back.
Elle n'osa pas se retourner.
She didn't dare turn around.
L'ennemi peut rapidement se retourner.
Your foe's back can quickly become his front.
Frank doit se retourner dans sa tombe.
Frank is rolling over in his grave. I've got strep, man.
Quand vint son déclin, elle le quitta sans se retourner.
At the time of her splendor, she was his lover and left him when his decline began, without ever turning back.
Une fléchette pourrait se retourner, et que vous frappez.
A dart might rebound and hit you.
Là, elle va se retourner.
In a minute, she'll turn around.
Elle va se retourner et me parler.
She'll turn around and talk to me.
Elle est assez âgée pour se retourner sur Tony.
Well, she's old enough to turn Tony down.
Il ne va pas se retourner.
He's not going to look back.
Vos parents doivent se retourner dans leurs tombes.
Your poor parents must be Turning in their graves.
Ou de porter un bustier et de voir les têtes se retourner.
Or walk into a room in a strapless dress, knowing heads will turn.
On aura de quoi se retourner.
Then we will see what's coming next.
Il est parti sans se retourner.
He took off and never looked back.
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