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Translation of "se retrouver" in English

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En attendant, la gamine va se retrouver sous une pierre tombale.
And while we keep on saying it, the kid II end up under a stone here.
On va tous se retrouver au trou.
We'll all end up in the pokey.
On est supposé se retrouver au bureau du médiateur.
We're supposed to meet at the mediator's office.
On était censées se retrouver ici?
Were you supposed to meet me here?
Tara et lui devaient se retrouver.
He and Tara were supposed to get together.
Ça pourrait être une bonne occasion de se retrouver pour parler.
Well, this could be a good opportunity for us to get together and talk.
Stefan a juste dit de se retrouver ici.
Stefan just said to meet here.
C'était le seul endroit près du Rumbason où on pouvait se retrouver...
It was the only place near the Rumbason where we could meet...
On aurait pu se retrouver ailleurs, Bent.
We could meet somewhere else, Bent.
On devait se retrouver au Copa.
But the Copa is where we meet.
Il faut établir comment se retrouver.
We must decide how we'll find one another.
Quelle coïncidence de se retrouver ici.
It's so coincidental that we ended up here.
On devait se retrouver pour dîner.
Well, we were getting together for dinner.
On doit se retrouver aux équipements.
He said he's going to meet me by the equipment booth.
On devait se retrouver vers minuit.
I wanted to make plans for getting together around midnight.
Elles doivent réapprendre à se retrouver.
They have to learn to get in touch with themselves again.
On devait se retrouver à Farmington.
They were supposed to meet me over in Farmington.
On vient juste de se retrouver et maintenant...
You know, we finally just found our way back to each other, and now...
Crois-moi, on veut pas se retrouver prisonniers.
Believe me, you do not want to end up a prisoner on one of those ships.
On devait se retrouver au bistrot...
He was supposed to meet me for ramen.
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