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Translation of "se taire" in English

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shut up
be quiet
keep quiet
remain silent
be silent
keep her mouth shut
fall silent
clam up
keep his mouth shut
keep their mouths shut
be silenced
stay quiet
keep silent


Peut-être que vous voulez prendre un peut de se taire.
Maybe you want to take a can of shut up.
Et ils ne veulent pas, se taire...
And they still wouldn't shut up...
Il est temps de se taire.
It's time to be quiet.
C'est bien de se taire.
It's OK to be quiet.
Elle est désolée, mais ne peut pas se taire.
And that she's sorry, but she couldn't keep quiet.
Trop d'avocats ont un égo démesuré pour se taire.
Too many barristers have too big an ego to keep quiet.
Dites à cet homme de se taire.
Instruct this man to shut up.
Ma femme lui a demandé de se taire.
My wife asked him to be quiet.
Il sait s'asseoir, se taire, et pêcher.
He knows to sit there, shut up, and fish.
Ça lui apprendre à se taire.
That'll teach him to shut up.
Et Lastarza a tout intérêt à se taire.
And Lastarza has too much reason to keep quiet.
Dis à ta cliente de se taire.
Miles, tell your client to shut up.
Elle voulait de l'argent pour se taire.
She wanted money to keep quiet.
Elle en voulait plus pour se taire.
She wanted more to keep quiet.
Dis à ton chauffeur de se taire et de conduire.
Tell your driver to shut up and keep driving.
Je lui ai dit de se taire...
She was frightening me... and I told her to be quiet and...
Destroido ruines des vies et paie les victimes pour se taire.
Destroido ruins lives and pays the victims to keep quiet.
Altman n'aura qu'à se taire et regarder.
Altman just has to shut up and watch.
Mais il a promis de se taire.
But he promised he'd be quiet from now on.
Je lui disais de se taire, je lui disais de se taire.
I was telling him to be quiet, I was telling him to be quiet.
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