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Translation of "siècle" in English


Partez en voyage au XVIIIème siècle...
Join us on a journey back to the 18th century...
IVe siècle : l'Empire romain s'effondre.
The late fourth century A.D. the Roman Empire began to crumble.
Mais cela remonte au 8ème siècle.
But that goes back to the 8th century.
Ce sont les autographes du 21ème siècle.
They're the autograph of the 21 st century.
Très populaire au début du 20ème siècle.
Very popular at the turn of the 20th century.
Le 21ème siècle commencera en 2001.
The 21 st century really begins in 2001.
La Cour existe depuis le siècle dernier.
The Court's been around since the last century.
Jusqu'au 18e siècle avertissement aux traîtres.
Up to the early 18th century this was a warning to traitors.
Je suis de la fin du 23ème siècle.
I am from what, on your calendar, would be the late 23rd century.
Chaque pierre lancée depuis le 1er siècle.
I know every stone thrown since before the first century.
Usurper le plus grand usurpateur du siècle.
Deceive the greatest master of deceit of this century.
Le 18ème siècle représente le sommet du développement intellectuel.
The 18th century was the high point of man's intellectual development.
C'est sûrement l'euphémisme du siècle.
That's got to be the understatement of the century.
Ils appellent ça le scandale politique du siècle.
They're calling it the political scandal of the century.
Continue à vivre au 20e siècle.
Just keep on living in the 20th century.
C'est peut-être la trouvaille du siècle.
I mean, this could be the find of the century.
Ceci est la fête du siècle.
Mr Macintosh's birthday is going to be the event of the century.
Il semblerait qu'au début du siècle...
It seems that at the turn of the century...
Fais-les entrer dans le 21ème siècle.
So? Drag 'em into the 21th century.
Annonce naissance - premier Berlinghieri 20e siècle.
We give notice of Berlinghieri's first born in 20th century, period.
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