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Translation of "si on" in English


si on fait 1473
Ils ne diront rien si on les éclaire.
There's only one thing they'll say even if we turn the light on them.
Désolé, appelez-moi Tony si on bosse ensemble.
Sorry, and please, it's Tony, if we're going to work together.
Imagine ce qui arriverait si on combinait leur puissance.
Imagine what would happen if you combined the strength of these two cannons.
Pas si on les observe bien.
No, they don't either, not if you examine them closely.
Comme si on savait combien coûtait le repas.
It was as if they knew what the food was costing me.
Mais si on leur donne du sang...
But if they have blood - That's not going to happen, bonnie.
Tout va s'arranger si on bosse bien.
I believe it'll all work out in the end if we do a good job.
Même si on ne trouve pas Brunton.
I'm glad we thought of it even if we don't find Brunton.
Je serais vraiment heureux si on pouvait recommencer.
And it would make me very happy if we could start again.
Il serait libre si on échouait.
He would be free at home if we could not.
Tout est possible si on persévère.
Anything is possible if we work hard enough.
Seulement si on signe les papiers.
It's only too late if we sign those documents.
Seulement si on explose mon ex-mari après.
Only if we can blow up my ex-husband afterwards.
Il parlerait peut-être si on venait régulièrement ou quoi.
I think maybe he'd open up if we kept coming around or something.
Surtout si on fait un petit détour par Orion en rentrant.
Isn't that dangerous? and highly profitable especially if we make a side trip to Orion on the way home from Earth.
Il comprenait si on allait lentement.
He could understand things if you went a bit slow, but you...
Toujours pas de si on pouvait sortir...
Even if we could get through to the outside, the switchboards are probably overloaded.
Gardenhire nous tuera si on est en retard.
Okay, Gardenhire is going to kill us if we are late for our final exam.
Ça serait bien si on pouvait faire différent.
So it would be great if we could break out. Thanks.
Ils voulaient voir si on pouvait travailler ensemble.
They wanted to see if we could all start working together on things.
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si on fait 1473

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