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Translation of "sol" in English


sous-sol 6298
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Prévenez-moi quand ils touchent le sol.
Okay. Just ping me when they hit the ground.
Mettez-vous le visage contre le sol.
We want you face down on the ground now.
Le sol qui recouvre la vallée.
The loose soil that covers the valley floor.
Le sol est sédimentaire et inégal.
The nature of the soil is sedimentary and undulating.
Notre sol est couvert de poudre.
It looks like our floor is covered with powder, yes.
Il embrasse le sol de sa chambre.
The last I saw him, he was in his room kissing the floor.
Je regarde les marques sur le sol.
Excuse me, no, I was just looking at these marks on the floor.
Ce sol est gelé depuis 10000 ans.
But I do know that this ground's been frozen for the last 10,000 years.
Et évacuation dans sol pour concours tee-shirt mouillé.
And put big drain in floor for wet T-shirt contest.
L'avion était parfaitement posé sur le sol.
The plane was perfectly positioned on the ocean floor, as if it had just landed there.
Couche-toi dessus, aide-toi du sol.
Roll over on it and press it into the ground, Kitai.
Mais quand votre front touche le sol...
But when you touch your forehead to the ground...
4 douilles sur le sol sans empreinte dessus.
Four shell casings on the floor with no prints on 'em.
Boris prélêve des échantillons du sol.
And cosmonaut Boris is getting some soil samples.
Le sol semble jonché de débris...
And the ground seems to be covered in debris...
Seuls les Wachati peuvent fouler ce sol sacré.
That is sacred ground. I'm sorry, but only the Wachati are allowed there.
Certaines sous-munitions sont cependant conçues pour pénétrer profondément dans le sol.
Some submunitions, however, are designed to penetrate deep into the ground.
Jette-les sur le sol pour les gonfler.
You drop the cushions on the floor to plump them up.
En été, le sol dégèle superficiellement.
In summer, the ground thaws but only on the surface.
Commence une descente sur sol argileux.
Here begins a descent on a clay ground.
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sous-sol 6298
sol-gel 1132

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