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Translation of "sortir" in English

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Tu devrais vraiment sortir aujourd'hui.
You know, you really ought to get out today.
Tu devrais sortir pendant que c'est calme.
I think you better get out of here, Sarah, while it's quiet.
Et j'adorerais sortir avec vous.
And I'd love to go out with you.
Pour voir si tu peux sortir Checkers.
To see if you and Checkers are ready to go out on a trail.
Je voulais vous inviter à sortir.
I was thinkin' of askin' you two for a date.
Vous devriez la laisser sortir avec Zadak.
I think you'd better let her go on the date with Zadak.
Elle préfère ne rien faire plutôt que sortir avec moi.
[Jonathan] She told me... she would rather sit at home and do nothing than go out with me.
Ensuite, nous pourrions sortir ensemble.
Then afterwards, maybe we could all go out together.
Et après, on devrait sortir.
And after that... I think we should go out.
Ils m'invitent toujours à sortir.
You know, they always ask me to go out with them.
On devrait sortir le dimanche soir alors.
Well, then, I think we should go out on a Sunday night.
Une fois dedans, on pouvait plus sortir.
OK, I have that once we got in, we couldn't get out.
Certains sont disposés à sortir du moule.
Some of them are willing to step out of the mould.
Nous pouvons peut-être sortir ensemble et les regarder.
Perhaps we can walk out together and look at them.
Cela fera sortir beaucoup d'argent des localités canadiennes.
It will take a lot of dollars out of Canadian communities.
On doit sortir un carton jaune.
It should be like a yellow card, a warning.
Rachel... il faudra bien sortir.
Rachel... you have to go outside sometime.
J'avais vraiment envie de sortir.
I was really looking forward to hanging out.
Quelqu'un peut sortir ton chien.
Look, they have people who will walk your dog for you.
Vous sortir du camp constituait un risque énorme.
Because we went to a lot of trouble to get you out of that camp.
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va sortir 1366

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