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Translation of "souligner" in English


Je veux souligner ici cette constatation.
This is something I really want to stress.
Je voudrais toutefois souligner quelques points.
Nonetheless, it wishes to stress a few points.
Je voudrais juste souligner un point.
I would just like to emphasize one point.
Parmi ces mesures nous voudrions en souligner quelques-unes.
We would like to emphasize the following among those measures.
Je voudrais souligner plusieurs matières particulièrement importantes.
There are several particularly important areas which I would like to point out specifically.
Je voudrais cependant souligner certains aspects reportés aux années à venir.
However, I should like to point out certain aspects that carry over to subsequent years.
Mon pays voudrait également souligner les points suivants.
In addition, my country would like to emphasize the following.
La Rapporteuse spéciale tient à souligner un exemple précis.
The Special Rapporteur would like to emphasize one instance in particular.
Cependant, il tient à souligner certains points.
However, it would like to point out certain aspects.
Je voudrais toutefois souligner brièvement quelques points.
Let me, however, emphasize briefly a few points.
Troisièmement, je voudrais souligner certaines des recommandations du rapport A/49/665.
Thirdly, we would like to emphasize some of the recommendations in the report (A/49/665).
Elle aimerait toutefois souligner qu'elle appuie la résolution.
However, she wished to stress her support for the resolution.
Je voudrais souligner certains de ses principes et objectifs.
I would like to emphasize some of its principles and goals.
Je voudrais souligner certains aspects que j'estime importants.
I would like to point out several aspects I believe to be important.
Deuxièmement je voudrais souligner la signification de cette communication.
Secondly, I should like to stress the significance of this communication.
Je voudrais souligner ces deux adjectifs.
I would like to stress these two adjectives.
Je souhaiterais commencer ce soir par souligner un petit problème.
This evening, I would like, at the outset, to point out a fly in the ointment.
Je voudrais encore souligner notre position.
I want to stress this point once again.
Nous voulons surtout souligner deux choses.
But we should like to stress two points in particular.
Je voudrais souligner trois aspects de votre travail.
I would like to stress three aspects of your work.
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