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Translation of "spectacle" in English

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Sans Louison Danis ce spectacle serait très faible.
Without Louison Danis, this show would be very weak.
Allons lui parler après le spectacle.
Let's go try and talk to him after the show.
Un tel spectacle nous déprime tous.
That kind of spectacle dispirits all of us.
Elles se préparent pour le spectacle.
The girls are getting ready for the performance.
Dites-lui que je rentrerai après le spectacle.
And tell him I'll be home immediately after the performance.
Je vais vous inviter à mon spectacle.
Well I must one, I will leave A pair of entries from my show.
Mettons-nous prêts à faire ce spectacle.
Let's get ready to do this show.
Nous allons monter un petit spectacle.
We're going to put on a little show.
Ces deux meneurs assurent vraiment le spectacle.
And these two point guards are really putting on a show.
Merci beaucoup et appreciez le spectacle.
Thank you very much and enjoy the show.
On doit retrouver Monty avant son prochain spectacle.
We have to get to Monty before his next show.
Filmez mon spectacle et montrez-le à Ken-ichi.
Please film my performance... and show it to Ken-ichi.
Chef, on devrait annuler le spectacle.
Chief, I think we should cancel the performance.
Je donnerais à Numerius un spectacle.
I will give Numerius a show, nothing more.
Notre spectacle est terminé pour maintenant.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our show for the nonce.
J'ai ce spectacle en octobre, donc...
Man #2: 'Cause I've got this show in October, so...
Un spectacle auquel les familles peuvent assister.
They sold families the idea they wanted a show their mother and sisters could see.
Les gens importants arrivent après le spectacle.
After the show is when all the big names come in.
Ce spectacle n'est pas convenable pour une dame.
Yes, let's go. I do not think this show is suitable for a lady.
Toute la famille organise un spectacle pour ton anniversaire.
The whole family's putting on a show for you For your birthday.
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